Jepit directly or in co-operation with your own IT staff can help with: computer support ( remote support and helpdesk ) , windows/mac server maintenance, training , equipment procurement and competitive bidding , networks , mobile phones , e-mails , website , documentation , corporate removals , financial management software changes and web marketing campaigns . PC and Mac computers as well as Android , Apple and Windows Phone devices.

  • IT-manager service

    IT-manager services based on hourly pricing or as a part of the IT manager service.

  • IT-Support

    IT-support services based on hourly pricing or as a part of the IT manager service.

  • Maintenance

    With maintenance service agreement, you do not have to worry about backups or data security .

  • Projects

    If you need a project manager, for example to selection, development and introduction of a new financial or ERP system , you can use Jepit Oy to help with the transition.

  • IT training

    The most common mistake of an organization's IT operations is the underestimation of the amount of training needed. Often new equipment or software is aquired, but their benefit / utilization remains low due to lack of sufficient training.

  • Networking

    You can take care of all your IT-support through a single contact.

QuickSupport service

Jepit QuickSupport - safely, swiftly and easily

QuickSupport is added value to our customers. If you need support in the workplace, at home or anywhere where you have a working Internet connection, the QuickSupport service can help. We try to respond to support requests within 3 hours (most of the time right away!).

You just need to launch a small remote control software (approx. 1 mb), for the duration of the support session. Remote management software uses the normal http: // port to communicate, so it works 99% of all Internet connections, and even behind the tightest firewalls. Remote connection software does not require installation and does not make any changes to your computer. The connection and the traffic is encrypted and secure. You can download the QuickSupport program from extrajep (requires a password and username) or request it by e-mail.

For Remote Support our minimum charge is 15 minutes, when working in the customer's premices our minimum charge is 1 hour.


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